Brooklyn Historical Society and its research methods

During  the latest  visit to BHS , my classmate and I had the opportunity to learn the different methods of reserch we can do in this  institution. First my group and I , had the opportunity to learn a computer base research sofware , which according to the librarian its host more than eight thousand phtographs and many digital images of archival object raging from oral archives (interviews) to actual furniture. At first glance, My group and I  thoutgh  that the research software was going to be something similar to a google search. But as we started  to utilized the program ,we founded to be very difficult and confusing . After using the software , we changed methods of reserching (The Brooklyn Theater Fire) and started to look at actual Brooklyn maps . While we looked at the maps dated before the fire we discover that the theater was not yet build and that the location that it was located was never constructed until the theater was located there. Although many people would argue that in a historical society its imaginable not to find a document in the institution ( in our case one of the maps) that was catalogued and listed in their database , its in fact a missconception because during this visit we were not able to find one of the maps that dated closely after the fire ,yet it was catalogue.

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