BHS archival review

Last visit to the Brooklyn Historical Society was one of the more archival review visits. Instead of looking through the data base for archival information like previously this time me and my class mates where introduced to primary sources such as maps from the time period we are studying which is 1860s- 1880s. In particular the 1876 Brooklyn Theater Fire. We looked at maps from the 186-s to 1880s time period to try to figure out what the area where the Theater stood was like.  In discussion of maps,  a controversial issue was whether we look at the maps a decade before the fire. While some argued that it wasnt, others contended that it was because it was important to see what was there before the theater and how it was arranged. How the spacing between each structure was? How many allies did it have around it ? etc. To find out exactly where the building stood we found the cross streets and then used a 1874-6 directory to find the exact building number. So by demonstrating our focus  and attention, the directories work extended the findings of the building number.

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