Large Scale

While thinking of three types of artifacts we should save from a current figure. I decided to look into the architecture built within my country, South Korea.

The person I chose whose works should be saved is Kim Swoo Geun. The reason I chose this man is because he was a very prominent architect, educator, writer, and patron of artists.

One of many architectural projects that I feel should be saved, within the archives, is the Seoul Olympic Stadium (1977). The reason for this is that South Korea is not a powerful nation nor is it a wealthy one; however, the idea that people from all nations can come and compete in sports, is a very large impact on the Korean society.

Another architectural project that should be preserved, within the archives, is the Kyungdong Presbyterian Church (1980). The reason being, religion has a great impact on every culture- some positive, some negative, and some even both.



Lastly, the National Science Museum (1984) should be preserved within the archives. Education is the foundation of every nation. Without a language their is no communication and no advancement into mathematics, science, and etc.

The main reason in which I chose these three works of Kim Swoo Geun is not to show my pride for my country; the reason is that all cultures are impacted by three main issues. The unity of the people (how well the country as a whole interact), the religious interaction among the society, and the educational aspects of the nation.

Upon entering the Brooklyn Historical Society, I realized that the library was filled with the past, and is constantly being filled as we make history. Perceiving this idea of expansion, I realized that the amount of info preserved within the archives can not take up buildings and cities; there is a limit to what can be kept. I felt that the preservation of archives should be based on a large scale, such as a country, not every detail of every human being. Through “Funes, the Memorious” we realized that the amount of archival space that would be taken up by the life of one man is too much to grab hold of. Also, through the work  Kirschenbau, we begin to understand how modern technology can not only keep a excessive amount of information, but also every detail within one hard drive, and how the transfer of information can be done within seconds. Modern technology should be used to our advantage.

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