“Housing the World”: Cameron Sinclair

One of my strongest inspirations to become an architect is the famous architect Cameron Sinclair. Many of you may have not heard about this architect yet; I found out about him through one of my best friends who said Sinclair reminds him of me! What an honor! Sinclair is highly recognized worldwide because of his care for the world. There are three documents and works that should be archived in his files as example and model of development in architecture and how we perceive it. The main project that draw my attention and admiration to Sinclair was Architecture for Humanity.

There are two main works in this huge project that would consider key elements in his work. The first one is: Gaza: Alternative Repair Strategies.
(http://architectureforhumanity.org/node/1587 ) This project should be kept in the archives of architecture in this modern time because it’s a demonstration of how architecture is not just about the design itself but how we can change lives with it. Architecture is power. We as students need to understand That we can use our abilities to make an impact on this world. Sinclair’s work is more recognized because of the revolution he has created in the world so far. In this particular part of the project in Gaza was focused on creating permanent, stable homes that could keep the families safe. The Library of Babel, helps us understand that our world is a library and we have all the sources of information to help our humanity become more advanced but also to help our fellows humanĀ beingsĀ that are in need.

The pictures reflect how the military attacks in Gaza has destroyed the houses. many of them have no roof, or huge holes in the walls making shelters inhabitable. this project helped hundreds of families in extremely poverty and need. The archived and memory of this important project will shape our world in the future, if we follow this example.

The second part of Architecture for Humanity, from Sinclair, that impacted me and i greatly recommend to be kept as part of the architecture of our generation is: the Haiti Rebuilding Center.on of the goals thisĀ particularĀ architect has, is not just to make beautiful spaces, but to use the available resources, and cheap, yet durable construction to help supply shelter to those people in need. There are many companies andĀ institutesĀ such as the AIA,Ā AmericanĀ InstituteĀ of Architecture, who support this cause. After the strong earthquake that destroyedĀ Haiti many lost their lives, and most of those who survived were on extremely poverty because they lost everything they had.Ā Sinclair organized a group to help rebuilding Haiti. This project should be save because itĀ demonstrateĀ the compassion and power found in our current career as architecture students. (http://architectureforhumanity.org/haiti).

The third document that should be saved from Sinclair works is his Speech ‘Open-source Architecture to House the World’ in the TED Prize Wish. (Cameron Sinclair on open-source architecture) In this speech he was supposed to declare his wish in his work. Sinclair said, “I wish to develop a community that actively embraces innovative and sustainable design to improve living conditions for all.” His goal is what in the first place made me write about him. he cares about people and so do I. We should all consider the fact that we can use our careers much more than just as an objective to earn money but to create a change in our current world “so that everybody can enjoy the whole earth.” As Funes , the Memorious indicates, we should view things beyond what they seem, as if every detail is important, and used the power in our hands to help and support others.

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