Modern Architecture

During contemporary architecture there are many works that
deserve to be preserved for future generations. Many which help us explore the
nature and essence with in us. However there are some artifacts, in my opinion
that are much worthier and should be preserved, simply because they represent a
person’s legacy.  Tadao Ando, a Japanese architect
has many works of his own to offer to us. Three that sum up his essence as an
architect are: The Church on water, Church of light and The Hyogo Chapel. All composed
in similar in materials (concrete, glass, and contrast of natural lighting). Even
though I am not a religious person, I consider these artifacts worthy of
preservation because they provide the sense of inner peace that we are short of
now in days. Tadao like Funes both have in common that they both have the
knowledge and wisdom that make them great men. With these tools they are able
to see everyone else from a perspective that in Ando’s case, allows him to
provide satisfaction to a gap we seem to need filled.

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