The Way Computers Work

One of the most recognized person around the world during this time is Bill Gates. His influence on technology is one the the greatest by far because the computer is one of the most essential tools that is needed on an everyday basis for a college student or any person living during this era. The three things that should be saved from his work are the three latest software that are used to run a computer, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. These should be archived because in the future we don’t know how computers will run or even if they will still exist because they might get replaced by some other form of technology that is better than a computer.

If these three items are saved, in the future people will be able to look back at the technology we had back then and study further more on other technological advances that we have made during our time. During our visit to the BHS I had the experience of reading a letter that was written more than 50 years ago but it would of have been easier to read it if it was typed because it is difficult to read someone else’s writing. It was interesting to read about what they would say to each other in these letters so I think people in the future would be much interested in seeing how our technology worked.

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