#05 Faiza Hussain’s massive logo designs

Logo redesign

Logo design by Faiza for tobehonest…

For this week I had been reassigned to redesign the logo. My Supervisor felt like the logo need some fixing to match with the design. While she wanted the design to be the Capri San she wanted the logo to jump out to bring more attention. After she show me a similar style and told me to get it to be like that I did several version. I made a bit of mix up since I thought she wanted the comma in the rounded new logo but she wanted it in the old logo instead to see how it would fix. I fixed it up and did the instagram with a style with three periods like she asked and then she wanted a design with the letters over each other. In the end we had the instagram logo with the letter over each other and the website logo with tho around the last letter of honest with the periods after the t.