#09 My Thoughts on this Internship

My Thoughts on this Internship

image: https://unsplash.com/photos/5fNmWej4tAA

How would I rate my work with my internship? Well in the beginning it seems pretty slow. I spent a lot of time on logo design. It was the longest time I spend on designing. It was interesting since I usually try to be quick and with logo you really have to catch the brand with a simple design. In the end I did find that my final design for the instagram logo to be my favorite design out of all of them. Things started to speed up after that since I had been quick to design the way the brand was met to be like. I felt like I connected with my supervisor who was able to be with me through a lot of my designing. I am glad that I was able to work with a new brand since it is a different experience then to work with a brand is already there. Overall I would have love it if I was able to do more work than what I had done. I plan to stay and finish up this brand project since I feel like it would mean that I was learning more.