#02 Ethics with Hashtaglifestyle

Faiza Hussain
Entry 1:

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

In regards to the ethical guidelines discussed in the AIGA guide, some of the copywrite work I had dealt with is that I had to find out about this Font that she was planning to use for her site. In the end the supervisor had discussed this and went along with buying the license to use the font Capri. This font was exactly what she wanted to use and it would be easier to have it since it would be used for the logo design. This helps a lot since it means that we can use the font ethically and not incur a lawsuit while respecting the designer of the font.
When handling the logo of ToBeHonest I had made sure to keep with exactly the format my supervisor wanted. I listed in a brief on how it should be and the feeling and target audience to make sure that it stuck to the design. I worked on the color also matching to the color theme of her site. While working on these logos and the font I had not sign a confidentially or non-disclosure agreement with my supervisor.