#07 Podcast Cover to Meeting Other Interns

Podcast Cover to Meeting Other Interns

Podcast Cover design by Faiza Hussain for ToBeHonestTho…

For this week I got to design the Podcast cover with Monica. It for her ToBeHonesttho… podcast. She showed me a bit of a mockup to the design and I made sure to follow the direction what she wanted. It was enjoyable doing that since I had to make sure that everything was in the right order. I used the font give to me along with Capri font family and made it the color light salmon. It was the first time ever that I created a podcast cover and I would definitely love to do it again in the future.

On Monday I finally got to meet the other interns for Monica. It was through google meet. We each spoke about what we did for Monica. I found that I would be working for the rest of the project with the editing intern, Jillian. We exchanged emails so that she could show me some of the images she worked with. This is so that I could work on it in lightroom.

Finally for the week Monica wanted me to design her Facebook banner. The design she wanted was collage like and with a photo over it like like someone mood board. I am excited to get that working and done.