#01 Faiza Hussain’s Journey to Finding an Internship

Faiza Hussain’s Journey to Finding an Internship


Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/cckf4TsHAuw

For the first week of the internship class I had worked on trying to find an internship. It was was a long process since I had kept applying to different places from glassdoor to indeed. I also got in touch with Hashtaglifestyle to see if I could get a internship. I keep sending more application while waiting to hear back and it was a stressful experience since you want to get a certain internship but you know that you shouldn’t stop applying. For some company I was interested I had experience and didn’t wait since there was a number of different people applying for the position I wanted. I had in the end gotten in contact with a few to try and show my portfolio and work.