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Journal 3: Culture of the Workplace

I go to my  internship every  Tuesday,  Thursday and Friday.  We work in the school . Our attire are comfort, everyone dress business formal or semi as well. We have 5 people,. 3 of them are interns and the other 2 are in change of the program.  I start working from different time , it’s depends on what time I have class or end class.

In  the office , They have big gallon of water to make tea or coffee since many of them don’t go outside a lot of times. Since the office is tiny , I mostly work from the outside of office. While the rest work in the office and talk about what they should do each week. Sometime I am invited in the meeting ,when they need to let me know about something important but those meeting are for the other co-workers who help the program like running the workshop or planning future events for the new upcoming students for next semester.

My first intern day was pretty good but getting my mindset to think that this is a real job even thou it in my school. At this first two week, I was coming late and they notice it. They were worry about me because they know I am a good student . They have a long talk about how if I do this in a real job, I would get fired or your boss wont trust you no more with other works. While I hear them talk, I notice how wrong I was . I created this goal of coming in early. It was really nice of them to talk to me about this because I felt like they care about me and want me to do well in this program and real world.

Journal 4: Duties

Most of the time I am responsible for created designs  and layout for the each workshop sheets.  A typical day for me is talking to  my supervisor assigning me what needs to be done before the day ends. I usually get one  assignments per day or finish in up to two days. For these tasks, I use Adobe  Photoshop and InDesign. The assignments is base on the workshop worksheet or recreate other files like their poster they hand out for new students or people who want to join it.  Once that is done, I go back to my supervisor with the final results. She look at it and check if everything look great . If she like it than you can hand it to her and if not you could finish it .

Moreover, I also help out by handing out flyer and talk to students while they were trying to get new student to join this program. At first I was shy since I not great talking to new people or in a large group . After a while, I got use of  it and answer questions  of each students when I was outside.

Now we are created a yearbook for the students this year . Helping students networking with each other . This is a different type of  project because I did work in my high school yearbook . I still thinking how could I do this with small amount of  events and photos from this program . This project is great because this is huge project for me .


Journal 2: First Task

My first task was redesigning workshops sheets for next years workshops . In my first day of my internship, my supervisor was really helpful and supportive since I was having trouble getting use of my new placement site. First I was sketching some outlines for the workshop sheet on sketchbook  to show my supervisor. She like the design and told me to keep going , if I have any question about anything to ask her.  We use email to transfer the files, due to the supervisor being busy with the program and meetings she have.

After that, I design the new version of the workshop sheet and started it out from scratch .It was a bit tricky since I never design one before . I was used of design ads or posters that I never thought design a sheet for a workshop would be so tricky to design. Creating something boring to something nice to look at and capture the eyes of the students who is reading it . After I finish the first draft , all my co workers talk about what may I improve in. Helping me see what can I fix because as a designer .Sometime you have a blind eye to your design that you might not see the flaws in it.

Journal 1:The Internship Begin

I am an intern at Cuny Service Corp Office  in New York City College of Technology. Currently has two employees: Helen and So Lan Liang the one who in change of the program in this college. There also two interns but they help out the workshops and advices for students in this program. Many of the students come to the office to ask question about their application and placement site. Any problems they have with their placement or hours. In addition. They ask me to fix their posters and workshop sheets for next year since they been busy with workshops and having interviews with many students who want to join the program next year. As a result, I  most of my tasks in this internship are  trying to get more people join this program and making a yearbook for this year students to connect with other  when they are done with the Cuny Service Corp . After I’ve completed the tasks, the supervisor will try to look over it  and give me some feedback on my work . She would be busy with many things , so I ask the rest of my co workers for feedback.