Journal 4: Duties

Most of the time I am responsible for created designs  and layout for the each workshop sheets.  A typical day for me is talking to  my supervisor assigning me what needs to be done before the day ends. I usually get one  assignments per day or finish in up to two days. For these tasks, I use Adobe  Photoshop and InDesign. The assignments is base on the workshop worksheet or recreate other files like their poster they hand out for new students or people who want to join it.  Once that is done, I go back to my supervisor with the final results. She look at it and check if everything look great . If she like it than you can hand it to her and if not you could finish it .

Moreover, I also help out by handing out flyer and talk to students while they were trying to get new student to join this program. At first I was shy since I not great talking to new people or in a large group . After a while, I got use of  it and answer questions  of each students when I was outside.

Now we are created a yearbook for the students this year . Helping students networking with each other . This is a different type of  project because I did work in my high school yearbook . I still thinking how could I do this with small amount of  events and photos from this program . This project is great because this is huge project for me .