Journal 2: First Task

My first task was redesigning workshops sheets for next years workshops . In my first day of my internship, my supervisor was really helpful and supportive since I was having trouble getting use of my new placement site. First I was sketching some outlines for the workshop sheet on sketchbook  to show my supervisor. She like the design and told me to keep going , if I have any question about anything to ask her.  We use email to transfer the files, due to the supervisor being busy with the program and meetings she have.

After that, I design the new version of the workshop sheet and started it out from scratch .It was a bit tricky since I never design one before . I was used of design ads or posters that I never thought design a sheet for a workshop would be so tricky to design. Creating something boring to something nice to look at and capture the eyes of the students who is reading it . After I finish the first draft , all my co workers talk about what may I improve in. Helping me see what can I fix because as a designer .Sometime you have a blind eye to your design that you might not see the flaws in it.