Journal 1:The Internship Begin

I am an intern at Cuny Service Corp Office  in New York City College of Technology. Currently has two employees: Helen and So Lan Liang the one who in change of the program in this college. There also two interns but they help out the workshops and advices for students in this program. Many of the students come to the office to ask question about their application and placement site. Any problems they have with their placement or hours. In addition. They ask me to fix their posters and workshop sheets for next year since they been busy with workshops and having interviews with many students who want to join the program next year. As a result, I  most of my tasks in this internship are  trying to get more people join this program and making a yearbook for this year students to connect with other  when they are done with the Cuny Service Corp . After I’ve completed the tasks, the supervisor will try to look over it  and give me some feedback on my work . She would be busy with many things , so I ask the rest of my co workers for feedback.