Journal 3: Culture of the Workplace

I go to my  internship every  Tuesday,  Thursday and Friday.  We work in the school . Our attire are comfort, everyone dress business formal or semi as well. We have 5 people,. 3 of them are interns and the other 2 are in change of the program.  I start working from different time , it’s depends on what time I have class or end class.

In  the office , They have big gallon of water to make tea or coffee since many of them don’t go outside a lot of times. Since the office is tiny , I mostly work from the outside of office. While the rest work in the office and talk about what they should do each week. Sometime I am invited in the meeting ,when they need to let me know about something important but those meeting are for the other co-workers who help the program like running the workshop or planning future events for the new upcoming students for next semester.

My first intern day was pretty good but getting my mindset to think that this is a real job even thou it in my school. At this first two week, I was coming late and they notice it. They were worry about me because they know I am a good student . They have a long talk about how if I do this in a real job, I would get fired or your boss wont trust you no more with other works. While I hear them talk, I notice how wrong I was . I created this goal of coming in early. It was really nice of them to talk to me about this because I felt like they care about me and want me to do well in this program and real world.