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Homework 1

Digital Photography 1


Homework 1

Thomas Holton The Lams of Ludlow Street


  1. The image is a casual portrait of the Lam family, some of which are eating.
  2. The intention of the photo is unclear, though it is very serious it could mean a number of things.  It shows the family in a very casual setting and seems to just focus on the subject in focus.
  3. The emphasis is on the young man sitting on a chair; he appears to be eating and staring intensely at the camera.  The subject appears to be front-lit with very little shadow in the picture.
  4. The selective focus helps the image because it focuses on the expression of the subject in focus.  It also helps that the viewer is eye level with the subject in the focus.
  5. There is a High Contrast in the image that focuses on the brightest area of the image, which is the main subject.  The image shows a deep space but still focuses on the far end of the space.
  6. The image reveals the two children in the front of the deep space out of focus, both are at different distances and the one closest to the front is the most out of focus.
  7. The image makes the viewer serious and focused.  Also it shows calm in an area where there are many other things going on.  No one else in the image is focused on the camera except for the main subject.
  8. The picture relates to the other images in the series because it uses the same selective focus as in some of the other images and shows the family and the space they live in as the main subject.

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HW1- Hillary Nguyen

Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao Habitat 7 series
42nd Street, Times Square, Manhattan 2005

1. What type of photograph is it?
The photograph of Time Square was a piece that belong in Jeff Liao’s Habitat 7 series which was published in New York Times Magazine. It was under the category of “Capture the Times”

2. What can you tell about the photographer’s intention?
I believe that the photographer’s intention was to capture NYC at its best. With the title “Capture the Times”. New Yorkers does everything in a fast pace. As you can see, the people within the picture are in a motion blur.

3.What emphasis had the photographer created and how has that been done?
In this photo the photographer uses selective focus on the buildings to make it looks more sharps while the people are more of a blur.

5. Are graphic elements important?

I believe that graphic elements are important. The first thing that caught my eyes were the people in the photo.

7. What emotional or physical impact does the photograph have?

The photograph gives off  a very energetic feelings.  A little bit of chaos because of all the people rushing and moving fast.

8. How does this photograph relate to others in the same series by the same photographer?
Throughout the Habitat 7 series, all the photographs seems to be taken from a far distance. Most of them seems to be from an high angle shots while others are eye level shots.

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