Arianna Bollers – End of Semester Reflection Fall 2016

  • Have you completed all your work (for the Fall 2016 semester) with your clients and closed all loops?
    Yes! I have complete majority of the work I set of to accomplish this semester including the projects with First Year Programs, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and the English Dept. I am glad to know that I will be continuing my stay at City Tech as a graduate working with First Year Programs to complete The Companion. I can’t wait to start working on the book. I am aiming for first year students to pay more attention to these books and use them throughout their school years at City Tech. All I need to do is send some holiday wishes.
  • Are you happy with your results with the work you completed this semester? What was your favorite project you got a chance to work on this semester?
    I definitely enjoyed all the projects I got to work on this semester. I enjoy working on projects that help professors send awareness about their classes and programs. I am also really looking forward to working on The Companion next semester.
  • How are you going to prepare for next semester during the Holiday Break? If you are departing from the team, let us know your plans for 2017.
    I am definitely looking forward to doing self curated and collaborate projects during the break and throughout 2017 and learning and practicing skills I already have.

End of Spring 2016 Semester Reflection

  • Have you accomplished your Mid-Semester goals? How have you accomplished those goals?
    Looking forward to see if I did well in my classes, as it was my mid semester goal. I am proud to say that I was able to get a lot of feedback from my team members for advice on class projects that help me improve on my work in my classes. Also, i was able to have a great amount of comments when I was creating the poster for the Introduction to Women’s History class. It was a tough topic but I’m glad i was able to get feedback from my team members to complete the poster in a short period of time!
  • Have you completed your work with your clients and closed all loops? Are you happy with your results with the work you completed this semester?
    I believe I have completed all the deliverables for my clients. Just a few more items to deliver to my clients. I am definitely happy with the work I have created this semester. First Year Program is probably where my heart is the most. When I saw it in the poster presentation, i really surprised myself. It is really great to see how everything you do throughout a semester really come together at the end. Thank you all for stopping by that day of the event to support me!
  • How are you going to prepare for next semester during the Summer Break?
    Relax!!! Take long walks in the park and admire every bit of art around me. As well as think about projects that I will work on for the semester in school and at FC.

    I am extremely happy I get a chance to work with an amazing and talented team! You are all the best ! Have a great summer 🙂


Mid-Reflection: Spring 2016

What are your goals that you would like to accomplish by the end of the semester? How can we help each other to reach that goal?

My goal by the end of the semester is achieve all A’s in my classes. This semester, I am only taking 4 classes that are major based and all of my midterm grades were A’s! I hope to keep this up for the rest of the semester while still accomplishing projects at work and personal. I am glad that we are always encouraging each other as a team here at Faculty Commons because some of our classes are stressful. We can get through them by asking each other for our opinion and thoughts on projects that we are working on. Whether its for work, school, or personal. This is a task I would like to do more often because it is super helpful towards our success in our semester here at City Tech.

Can’t wait to read everyone’s post!


1.  Project Management 
While working with Professors Chang and Giraldo to create the branding for the At Home exhibition branding (poster, invitation, brochure, name tags), we had to schedule when the posters would go up. The announcement poster, the event poster and the year long poster. We continuously went back and forth getting each projects done to make it all come together. It was amazing to see it all look cohesive and well put together it all came out.
2. Design Skills/Techniques 
I have develop my skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, all while trying new things while making the project I have work on throughout the semester. I definitely enjoyed working with photography this semester by taking photos for events at clients. It gave me a chance to practice on something I enjoy I am not currently doing in my classes. During the break, I would like to know more knowledge on photography, as one of my many goals to complete next year.
3. Work Relationships 
Working with the team has been great throughout this semester. I know that keeping the communication with your clients is vital to your entire experience to making a project come together.I definitely found that I have development my communication skills with my client and learning to work with them to have a better relationship with them to get projects done. As an example, working with Lauri in First Year Programs, which went at a pace that was comfortable for both of us. To finish projects, we understood that we both have other projects that we are working on as well and still being able to make it work for both of us.