Arianna Bollers – End of Semester Reflection Fall 2016

  • Have you completed all your work (for the Fall 2016 semester) with your clients and closed all loops?
    Yes! I have complete majority of the work I set of to accomplish this semester including the projects with First Year Programs, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and the English Dept. I am glad to know that I will be continuing my stay at City Tech as a graduate working with First Year Programs to complete The Companion. I can’t wait to start working on the book. I am aiming for first year students to pay more attention to these books and use them throughout their school years at City Tech. All I need to do is send some holiday wishes.
  • Are you happy with your results with the work you completed this semester? What was your favorite project you got a chance to work on this semester?
    I definitely enjoyed all the projects I got to work on this semester. I enjoy working on projects that help professors send awareness about their classes and programs. I am also really looking forward to working on The Companion next semester.
  • How are you going to prepare for next semester during the Holiday Break? If you are departing from the team, let us know your plans for 2017.
    I am definitely looking forward to doing self curated and collaborate projects during the break and throughout 2017 and learning and practicing skills I already have.

One thought on “Arianna Bollers – End of Semester Reflection Fall 2016

  1. Arianna,
    Thank you for continuing to develop your managerial skills this term. The entire team listened and responded in a timely way to the assignments that you asked them to create for the English department. Mission Accomplished! And lessons learned about timing for next go-round.

    First Year Companion, being part of the 5th edition is an honor and privilege. Great way to begin 2017.

    And Congratulations on being chosen to have your Senior Project mounted for all to read and comment. Your time management skills were as effective as your design. You really made a HUGE workload seem easy.

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