4th Training Day

Continuing on from yesterday’s project, we finished up our Creative Project designs. Lu and I bounced around our design ideas with each other and I can say that was a big help when needing to perfectly place a logo and seeing if the overall color theme matched. She was a huge help today for sure!

Aside from the CP, we went over color and inspiration sources. Its always important to have real world inspiration; the internet is great but we shouldn’t be plugged in all the time when the world and nature itself can fill us with inspiration and creative sources. I also received my first client for the Fall semester. Sending that first email out is a bit nerve-racking, but so is the first time you do anything new.

4 thoughts on “4th Training Day

  1. Bouncing idea back and forth is always a big help, especially when you hit a road block, I think you and Lu work very well together. I agree 100% that we should not be plugged in to the internet all the time. Plus is a completely difference when you see thing in person then on a screen, I feel you definitely get more inspiration when you go experience something in person.
    Sending first email is always nerve-racking, but it’ll get more comfortable in the future. You are doing great so far!

    • Lu is such a great help, I’m really glad to be on the team with her! And I do have a bad habit of getting inspiration digitally sometimes, but I’m learning more and more of where to go and get that fresh breath or air and inspiration 😀

  2. I appreciate your CAN DO approach. How you acknowledge that a new experience is a bit frightening, then you jumped in and did it! A fine start to developing a working relationship with your fellow trainee. Julie, you are progressing well through the training process. Keep that can do attitude as that will serve you well in every work situation. And your clients will feel that positive emotion and be open to your concepts. All will be well-served, you and your client, as well as your employer.

    • Thank you so much for those words of encouragement Professor! It’s so easy to feel anxious in a new setting with new people and responsibilities, but everyone has been super helpful, I will thoroughly enjoy this experience just like I knew I would.

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