Earthbending in VR!

For our 1st project, we’re making a mini VR game inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender!

aang air scooter

You’ll be able to use punches, hand gestures & motions to earthbend thanks to hand tracking on the Oculus Quest! (We’ll add fire, water and possibly air later on.)


  • Add background music & sound effects
  • Special effects for each move: dust clouds, impact
VR earthbending unity project
An unfinished scene with hand tracking enabled. :)

How to contribute:

Download the Unity project here: Link
Note: Please open it with version 2019.3.0f6!

(We’ll make a GitHub repo soon.)


If you’re using Unity Hub: unzip the download, open up the application, click “Add” and select the “avatar-VR” folder. Then open the project through the Hub.

Otherwise: unzip the download, navigate to Assets > Scenes.

  • For a basic layout (skybox, ground plane, a few random prefabs), open Test.unity.
  • When you’re ready to start building it from scratch, open Earthbending.unity. (It’s an empty scene).
  • Air Temple – Intro Scene.unity is just a bonus, in case you want to help recreate the location shown in the 1st GIF! We found a free handpainted statue online, but it doesn’t match the style— so if you’re up for 3D modeling the original…