Cooper Hewitt Field Trip Report

      The Cooper Hewitt Museum is about design where designers/artists come to visit. it is located 2 E 91 st St, New York, New York 10128 if you ever curious to visit ( This was my first time visiting the Cooper Hewitt Museum. I was amazed at the different designs I saw there. We visited the Pixar exhibit, Beauty exhibit and the immersion room.

      269046_2efebb4bd3e5d3b7_bThe polythread knitted textile pavilion is designed by Jenny E. Sabin. This caught my attention and it was the only one I was looking for a long period of time. It was visually appealing by the lights of purples and pinks and by curves/waves of the design. You can walk through it and admire it at different perspectives. This is made out of photoluminescent, solar active, drake yarns, twill tape, aluminum tubing, and 3D seamless whole garment digitally knit cone elements.

      The scale models is designed by Sou 269364_5f9ebc42b614bc22_bFujimoto Architects. There are about 25 designs. I really wanted to look at all of them up close and observe them. I only saw up close from 3 sides only. I found it interesting and unique for each one. If you look at it up close you will see little figures in each one of the design. The design is made from wood, aluminum, ceramic, dried flowers, fabric, paper, plastic, sponge, stainless steel.

     265641_3e4f7691a5dff216_b The specimen, Manuka Typeface is designed by Kris Sowerby. It is made from digital print. There are other designs like this by the same designer. But, this one caught my eyes more than the others. The typeface is a sans serif. The typeface goes from thins letters to becoming very dense, it does not have a lot of negative space like the first one.