texture/ figure/ ground project

erika txtre.grphc


The texture/ figure/ ground was taking texture and tracing them. The texture was mostly shoes that I traced. The professor checked which texture would work and chose 12 textures. I cut out 2 by 2 inch squares and positioned them and trying to make it flow into the page. By taking tracing paper I could transfer into the right side of the bristol paper. I use ink to make it smooth and to have great pigmentation instead of using a sharpie. All the squares is been split in different ways to make it 50/50.

This project was a love/hate relationship. The project took too long to finish than the rest of the projects we’ve done thus far into this course. Also having re-read the instructions over and over again to fully understanding the project. At the end, to see the finish results was unexpected and different when its being compared side by side.





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