transparency project

erika transparencyerika transparency 2

The transparency project is about using shapes and overlapping them. The shapes we used in class was a square, 3 circles, an arch, 3 datch lines, a line, a triangle, a squiggly line, and a big circle. In the beginning of this project, in class all of us drew these shapes by using a sharpie. In each 9 of the squares it has to have the shapes that was given to us. After we looked at all of our first sketches, we made a second one. Each square has to be a different idea. We chose one idea from any of the 18 sketches and showed it to the professor. From that one idea, we all made 6 different tracings and pick out the one that has 3 shapes with 2 layers overlap and 3 shapes with 3 layers overlap.

The project for me was hard to understand even after re-reading the instructions several times. The first one, I did the whole thing wrong. For the background, the gray was too dark. Without outlining the shapes, I painted the whole entire background. Painting the shapes was difficult because of the gray background was underneath and the color became sheer or had streaks on it. I literally overlapped the colors instead of mixing the colors to make it transparent. There was a re-do for this project. I changed the whole composition, the colors and made the background into a lighter gray. I outlined the shapes for the background to be gray and by mixing the colors to overlap, the shapes looked at it was transparent.

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