pattern/ transparency project

erika transparency spots 1erika transparency spots 2

The pattern/transparency project was using “spots” to make it create that it has transparency and being opaque. First the class has to create “spots” by using ink and a brush. The professor picked 3 from the “spots’ we created. We cut out the “spots” and placed them on a blank Bristol paper. We positioned the “spots” the way we wanted but making them as close to each other but not too close as well. Four squares has to have 3 “spots” in it. There are 12 “spots” in total and have 4 groups of the 3 “spots”. Each of the 3 “spots” is to have in the original, a 90 rotation, flipped and flopped positions.

My first one, the checkered background I use orange mixed with gray and used ultramarine blue and primary blue mixed together with the gray. Every time the “spots” touches the tan color it becomes transparent and every time the “spots” touches the blue it becomes opaque. I didn’t mix any of the 3 colors, the only color I mix was to make green. The rectangles and triangles are for the accents and I use black for all the 6 accents.

The second time doing this project, I stick to the blue color for the background and changing the tan color into a green mixed with gray. I also did not change the composition of the “spots” and the accents. I mixed more colors this second round. I used orange, brown and a lavender color but the red was mixed. When the “spots” touches the green its opaque and when the “spots” touches the blue it becomes transparent. The accents I use 3 shapes that are black and 3 that are white.

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