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The culture in my workspace within the company is very orange and girly, Most of the people I work with here are girls. The other two guys I only do help is one sales representative whose name is peter and the boss Andrew. But everyone else are women who always need help in labor stuff or errands. Some of these activities I do for them sometimes allows me to meet their clients and allows me to build my own personal relationship with them. My workspace is the first big office in the 6th floor. I share my office with the same two people who interviewed me Emily and my supervisor Nora. They were only two desk when I got there and I only had a chair and small cubicle in the hallway. But now I’ve got my own new desk that the boss ordered. In fact he supply us with all new desk and has put me in the office with them. They’ve decided to this for me because I am going be in the running of getting hired by the end of the summer which I am really excited about. They’ve also supplied me with the whole new Adobe Creative Cloud Suite for a whole year. When I saw the bill it came out to be 2000 bucks, and felt confident that if the company has invested in me then I have a really good feeling that I’m going to be with them for a long period of time. What I like about the most here is that its very normal and causal clothing with the normal hours, Sometimes we just work 8 hours a day but sometimes more. My regular hours are from 10 am till 6 pm and have the chance to stay more hours if I like, which I usually do and stayed till everyone leaves. I take my lunch at 2:30 or 3pm that’s when the day is at its down time and everyone is helped and can handle their work with out me.

This where I use to have my work space with Emily.

Work Space in the hall wayThis is placed in the hallway on the left side and on the right are individual small offices. I only use this work station for two months, the rest of my time is on a desk that our Boss Andrew bought us.

New Work SpaceWork Station 2

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