Collaboration Project

One Project I really collaborative with the team was with Jose Cuervo. It had to be done within a week so it can promoted and photograph for the company. I presume it’s a small sister company with Jose Cuervo, Its called Jose Cuervo Reserva De La Familia. What had to be done was to create four vinyl designs for a beverage box of tequila. Each Box was to represent each of four of Jose Cuervo Reserva De La Familia investors. One Box was design with a ski slope map with images of the investors familia and friends. This particular box had to be printed and place twice since it was asked.

Plain Box


Ski Slope

Another box was design with a black and orange gradient, black starting from the bottom and orange ending on top of the bottom. This gradient represents the sunset of the investor which he discuss that it was when him and his father would stop working a hard days work at their ranch at break and enjoy the sunset.This box also had a design texture of a wood and initials on top of the design gradient.

Sunset Design

The another was design with the map of the Bahamas and a vector image of a child and father fishing. This also represented a father and son relationship. Which was trip to the Bahamas where they go for vacation and do a lot of fishing.


The last box was design all vector which I had to do some research on. Which was illustration of sea animals such as turtles, whales fishes, sharks and even sea plants. After all was design and finished we had to make mock ups so that our printing crew wont get all mixed up with the design and switch up the panels of each box.

Sea Design

Mock Ups

After we send the mocks up the designs are then printed in vinyl and placed to each box so it can then be sent off to our client to be photograph. It is photographed to be presented and pitch to their bosses to see if it is confirm and approve to be printed in mass production. Here are some images of how the final product came out.

Sunset final


Two Final



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