The Business Side

What I’m learning here with the company is more in depth from a school project such as from the proposal of a sale, down to the deadline of the project. I get to work with my fellow colleagues like peter (sales rep) to show samples of paper or present different types of jobs the company did in the past so that our present client can have a better idea on what she or he wants. Once the company has a proposal on a certain project or job it is then taken to our boss who comes up with pricing and determines how much this project will get estimated. After that it is then sent back to the client with a estimated project cost and will wait till it is confirm. Once the client and our company has come to an agreement with pricing, the project is then handed to the design team where they will make and design what the client ask for. Depending on how many revisions the client asks for it may take to about 1 to 2 weeks to finish the design part. After the client confirms the art piece it is then sent to the print production department so that we can spec the art piece out and check what are the sizes, colors, papers, and fonts it will be using. After specking the project out it is then sent to our printers where will get proofs on size, color and graphics. This proof is then deliver with our messengers and it is emailed to our client digitally. We then wait for a confirmation if they like the way it looks or not. If it’s a green light then we go ahead and sent the project to mass production or fix the necessary fixes and repeat the proofs step again. What I really do during my days here is do a lot of specking on jobs if it is ready to be printed or not. Set up messengers to deliver proof to our clients or sometimes I do if I’m not to busy or if it is close. On my down time I go help my supervisor with paper work and invoicing clients. Another thing I like is that I am doing a little bit of everything not just graphic design but I’m going out in events and I help with installs. Learn a lot in print production which is a major here in city tech and I am taking it completely free.

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