Self Evaluation

One project I can evaluate myself in is this recent project we have done which I participated and assist with Sarah Mayne who has recently found a better career opportunity. Arielle Cohan who is a sales person for the company also participated and help Sarah with half the work. This was a Event/Pop Up shop for about 3 days which held thought out the weekend of 19 thru the 21 of June. The company was for an airline call KLM, which I think, is from the Netherlands.

Klm TV

What my task was to help and assist both of my coworkers with installing some of the vinyl prints and gator boards up. It had to be Thursday evening since another company recently booked the location that was rented earlier that day, so it had to be done quickly as possible and be ready for presentation Friday morning.We also placed structures some promotional items that the company was going to sell and give away.


Everything was either cover in white or blue vinyl, which are the colors of the company. Some objects that we cover in vinyl are, a wood bench, two metal tables for the DJ, Blue vinyl for the huge bar they had. We also had a lot of I pad stands and TVs to promote more about the company.

View from Back

View From Front

I think I did really well with this project because I am very handy. I used to work in construction so I am very familiar with the tools we used to construct things. I came very helpful in preparing this event and the client was overall more then happy with the outcome.

Bar And DJ

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