My Role Within This Company

My role in this internship program is basically is assisting my supervisor in her needs that makes her job easier and that helps and benefits the company. Her name is Nora Elbaz She graduated from The New York City College of Technology around the same time I started my first semester. She graduated from City Tech on 2010, her major was advertising design and print production. She also got the opportunity to get interviewed by her supervisor (Yadira Quiones) who also graduated from City Tech, and got the chance to intern for Mirror NYC and thanks to her great skills and success she got hired and stayed to work for this company.

Emily, Yadi and Nora

I came about this Internship opportunity from one of my Prof, Prof McCabe. She knew I had nothing on my plate at the time and the only thing I was doing was looking for a job as a porter or anything that help bring income. When I got the call back to get interview I was really happy because this was way past what my parents had accomplished and more importantly is what she wanted my brothers and I to achieve and more. My mom is a single mother who emigrated from Mexico and met my father here and had us. So when I got interview it was not just for me, it was for all of my mom and family. I got interviewed by two people my Supervisor Nora and her co-worker Emily Loane, it was a very quick interview maybe about five to ten minutes. I had a good feeling about it because I knew we all had good chemistry within our conversation. I waited about a week and I got emailed back and asked if I want to be with there internship program and I accepted and started the next business day.

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