Value Added Portraits

This assignment was part of the gray scaling. This part included going around City Tech and taking pictures of places where it shows high key and low key tones of black and  white. The purpose was to identify what causes what to be darker and what causes what to lighter. In other words, what is the reason for it be high key and/or low key.

The first image is low key. The reason why its low is because the place and how much lighting is actually there; there’s enough lighting to know that its an empty room. All the way where the windows are at give it the HIGH KEY tone, but it’s very dim because the darkness looms over more than the light space in image. The mood that it sets is, dark, sad, depression, loneliness, hard times, anger, darkness within oneself, and for some the need to just lay immobile forever. It also gives the feeling of power, strength and sternness. Strength in a positive way, because the color black symbolizes being able to direct and having the ability to take control of any situation. For some it can also symbolize happiness.

The second image is high key. Its very bright, very few dark spots and it symbolizes plenty of moods. The significance of the brightness indicates happiness, joy, eagerness, togetherness, happiness, love, luminosity and in religious terms peace. As well in political terms, truce and the stripes of not only the American Flag. Also for example, the Dominican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Panamanian, Japanese and European flags, just to name a few. The VERY few dark corners of spots that are present represent that even if it’s super bright there’s ALWAYS going to be some kind of over shadowing of SOMETHING. That can represent secrets, untold stories, and facts that people are not able to notice even if it’s standing right in front of them.