Topographic Map

            This image right here is a topographic map. The main point of this assignment was to put together the way my name sounds and draw into different kinds of lines. Before beginning the process, the professor gave us a lecture and showed us example about HOW and WHAT topographic maps look and are created. From my understanding of the lecture, what I was able to grasp was that Topographic Maps are very rigid and consistent. What they are mainly based on are actual plate tectonic maps; the lines represent land, mountains and other geographical features. After the given lecture, we the students, started off by doing sketches of what our names would look like in topographical features. Not only our names had to incorporated, but as well where we come from, what we like, our favorite things and what has meaning to us. All of this had to be put into our topographical map, in our final drawing of it.

           For me to create this topographical map was not as challenging as I thought it’d be. We were given instructions and ideas based on how it COULD look. In the end, EVERYONE had a completely different outcome. Here in my topographical map, I was able draw in many things that very deep meaning. In the center of the image it forms a heart and flower shaped center. What this symbolizes is that I am a very sweet person, very intellectual and an unusual deep thinker (but when it comes to art, I rather do it freely than think about what I have to do). In the bottom right corner, I put the map of the Dominican Republic. It’s not very noticeable at first, but take a closer look and you’ll be able to decipher what it really is. The map represents where I come from, where I live part of my childhood and how important it is for me to remember where I come from.

         At the top right corner my flag, the Dominican Flag, is drawn there. Not very decipherable, but it’s there. Again, another representation about where I come from. Now the left middle corner, represents waves of the ocean. The significance of is that I can be a  very calm person, smooth talker and at the same time aggressive. Aggressive because not all waves run smooth on the ocean, there’s always a force behind, the reason why it moves. Now above the center of the image, where the heart/flower shaped center is at, there’s this small thing above it that shapes a wine a glass and the petal of a kind of flower.  The reason why it shapes a wine glass is because it shows that I can be sophisticated at times, and that I am easy going. As mentioned, it also shapes a rose petal. The rose petal represents the softness and my very delicate core (heart). On the outside I may seem like this really tough and outgoing person, but I also have a soft and super sweet side.

           The bottom right corner, where the image starts getting sharper than the rest, represents Music and a heartbeat. Music is the way of life for the kind of person I am. Putting that into this made me realize that very detailed, how much of thinker, and how much of an interesting person I am. At first I didn’t think that this very simple image would have so much meaning behind it, but as I keep looking at it and analyzing it, it makes more sense as I go. I love it. I’m glad I made this topographic map. This will now be a way for to explain and represent myself, one day when I get recognized by the world.

          What was most difficult and challenging was drawing over the lines creating fine lines to make it look like an illusion or a vision manipulator. Just giving it a quick look, you can see where I refer to when I say vision manipulator. Now referring back to the inking, it took me about an hour or two fill in the entire thing, but to make it less stressing for myself I did it part by part, taking small breaks in between. Challenging was the inking part because there are so many fine lines and I really didn’t want mess up any of it. I tried to create it in a way that it doesn’t look too messy or there’s too much going on. I’d say this is one of my best works done so far is this course. The requirements were met, and hope to get a good grade on it. Thanks for reading if you did, or just probably skimmed through it. Either way, thanks! Leave your comments below! 🙂

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