Bruno’s Home Center






Bruno’s Home center is located on 85 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201. This store is close to the Namm building of CityTech. I went to this store to get the tools I needed for my Tech Production Skills class. This store sells materials and tools for home improvement. They have a locksmith, power tools, gardening tools, kitchen appliances, home lighting, and chemicals for cleaning. They had the basic tools, like cordless drills, corded drills, jigsaw, impact drills, and several hand tools, like screwdrivers, glass cutters, and allen key sets. There wasn’t a large variety of tools. For example, there were three manufacturers for the drills. For the jigsaw, there was only one manufacturer.

The staff at this store are wonderful. A gentleman asked if I needed help, I didn’t have to reach out to him. I asked about the cordless drills, and he gave me his recommendations. He gladly got a ladder to get the drill I wanted to take a look at. At the end, I thanked him and he was very friendly. Throughout the whole time that I was at the store, I was asked if I need help three times, and one of them asked me twice.

Finding items in this store was easy. Once you walk in past the cash registers, all the power tools and hand tools are on the left. Each part of the home that needs attention has their own aisle. There’s a whole section that has paints, and there is a whole aisle that has hardware pieces. This store stands out because it is located on a busy street and it has a big sign outside of the store. It is a good place to go to if you need to quickly buy something after work or school. It is a simple store, but it would be very helpful for me personally because it has everything that I’d need. This store is good for those who repair their home themselves.

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