Class Notes 9/4/2014: Power Tool Review

Today we took off into the scene shop and listened to our Prof. describe in great detail the intricacies and the purpose of a large variety of power tools to be used in the scene shop. Below I will give a brief description of each tool based on the notes I took down in class today.

Circular Saw
-Usually uses 7-1/4″ blade-Makes cuts not suitable for a table saw
-Pretty side of plywood down when cutting
-Also comes in a mini version called a “Trim Saw” for more specific cuts

Jig Saw
Comes in D-Grip or Barrel Grip
-A plastic protector shield can be placed snugly over the “shoe” of the tool
-The shoe protector allows for smoother cuts
-Blades come in either “T-Shank” or “Straight Shank”

Angle Grinder
-4-1/2″ blade
-Flapper wheel can be used for finer sanding
-Adjustable handle for certain situations
-Spark catcher is adjustable as well

Belt Sander
-Size of sander related to W x L of sandpaper sheet
-Nicknamed “wood eraser” for being very powerful against wood
-Very heavy sanding

Porta Band
-Portable band saw
-Usually for steel but can be used with wood.
-Only very specifically sized material can be cut with it because of the size of the blade area.

Biscuit Joiner
-Cuts divets into to put biscuits into
-Reinforces joints apart from just glue

Corded Drill
-Drills holes in metal or wood
-Can also drill plexiglass, foam…etc.
-Much better savings than cordless drill for lack of having to purchase batteries
-“Chuck” holds drill bit in place
-3/8″ or 1/2″ chucks

Hammer Drill
-Chuck moves in and out rapidly
-Mainly for stone, cinder, cement…etc.
-Rarely used in the entertainment industry

Cordless Drill
-Faster than corded
-Serves same purposes as a corded drill
-Batteries wear out and need to be replaced, becoming a financial burden
-Two batteries per cordless drill highly recommended

Impact Driver
-Higher torque/lower speed (than a regular drill)
-Higher speed/lower torque
-Smaller and lighter than regular drill
-Very loud

Heat Gun
-Similar to a blowdryer but way hotter
-Used to dry paint, stretch out plastic, lamination…etc.
-Very easy to fuck shit up with

-Cuts like, all types of shit
-Many, many different blades
-Great for demolition or striking

-Used to cut moldings into different shapes
-Many different bit shapes for different applications
-“One of the best tools invented in the 20th century,” -John McCullough
-Plunge base can be used to make more precise cuts
-Collet holds the bit in place

Cold Saw
-Shoots cold and oily lubricant constantly over blade when making cuts
-Speed of blade adjustable
-Materials are held tightly by hydraulic system when blade is lowered to cut

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