Professor: Joe Brogdon

Agenda: Week 12 – April 9 & 11

metalic wall chained closed that reads "I AM THE WRiting ON THE WALL"
I am writing on the wall” by Christian Heilmann via Flickr CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, April 9


  • Individual Mentor Texts (select one from list on Unit 3 Assignment Links post)
    • After reviewing examples of various genres, decide on which genre/multimodal format you are going to compose in and find a “mentor text” to use as a model for your Unit 3 assignment.  Remember your mentor text does not have to match your topic in terms of content. You are looking at the genre. 
    • Look at your mentor text and take notes on the following: What are the elements and features of the multimodal genre in which you will be composing? Some things to consider are the typical length, tone, format, use of visual images. Also, think about how this genre is organizes and presents information, and how an audience typically responds to or interacts with the content..


  • Multimodal Brainstorming Worksheet
    • Write down your op-ed/opinion essay research topic and your overall argument/stance/point on this topic.
    • Remember, you must select ONE of the following five audience groups (Fourth graders, City Tech First-Year Students, The Mayor’s office, Your grandparents or older relatives, Activist groups (like BLM or LGBTQIA+ Youth, etc.) Who do you think needs to hear about this information and argument? Write down a specific group, discourse community, or person. It should not be everyone. Your audience should have an impact the multimodal genre you choose to compose in for your Unit 3 assignment!
    • Explain in detail why you chose this audience—to do so, think about the following:  How does this topic and argument relate to your chosen audience? Why do you think this information is useful for this particular audience?
    • What is your specific purpose for sharing your research and argument with your chosen audience?  In other words, what do you want your audience to walk away knowing and believing?
    • What multimodal genre are you using to communicate with your audience?
    • Why is this your choice of genre for this group and for your purpose? Explain your choice in as much detail as possible.

Thursday, April 11


Discussion Activity

  1. Describe the tone of the text. Who would you say is the intended audience?
  2. What sort of evidence does the written text use?
  3. What impact do the illustrations have on the written text? How do the illustrations themselves use text?


  • Multimodal Brainstorming Worksheet | Continue work from Tuesday to brainstorm ideas for your projects. We will spend next week drafting ahead of spring break.
  • By next Tuesday, turn in responses to the following:
    1. Topic
    2. Audience:
    3. Genre description:
    4. In addition to written text, what other multimodal elements will your project include? (photos, illustrations, videos, charts, graphs, etc. — be as specific as possible!)


  1. pmensah1

    The opinion\multimodal essay topic is : Load Management, The effects of injuries on modern day Nba players and fans. My target audience is going to be the sporting community especially the Nba Fanbase since this has been an ongoing debate in the community. Since this audience usually r anges from ages 9 to grown adults , plan to incorporate various elements of illustrations\ visualition and various other factors such as statistics and quotations from credible sport fanatics or comentators well renowned in the

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