Week 15: Lecture

Miao Miao reading a book.
Make the most of your summer and the semesters ahead: read, learn, and write!
  • Beginning of Class Writing
    • For this week’s beginning of class writing, I would like you to use your campus email to send me a professionally written email that discusses your contributions to your team’s project with a brief overview of your teammates’ contributions to the project, too. Send your email to jason.ellis03@citytech.cuny.edu and use the subject: ENG3790 Team Contribution.
    • Why we are doing this: It helps you organize your thoughts before discussion and it gives you regular writing practice.
  • Congratulations to Naila for getting published in The Wall Street Journal!
  • Use class for last-minute project studio time.
  • Tips for Improving Your Writing.
  • Last phase of class:
    • Have one team member email a link to your team’s project deliverable within a brief, professional email to jason.ellis03@citytech.cuny.edu and cc’ing all team members. Use the subject line: ENG3790 Team Project Deliverable.
    • Each team will have 5-10 minutes for their presentation.

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