This ENG1101 course introduces concepts of critical writing and thinking along with skills integral to constructing and documenting a college-level essay. As a First Year Learning Community, we will pair with Psychology 1101 to explore the emotional impact of the first year college transition and consider ways to identify and deal with new stressors.

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College Writing

Writing is considered to be a medium of human communication that represents language and emotion with signs and symbols. writing to many people including myself can mean much more than that, writing represents a form of expression to me. I love writing, and I feel like my writing has improved a lot since I started taking my English 1101 class. one aspect that has improved in my writing since the beginning of the semester would be thinking critically, as well as being able to develop my thesis and introduction paragraph. In the beginning of the semester I was having a hard time developing my thesis statement and making a good introduction, but I feel like I’ve improved in those areas and now I can start my essay easily. one aspect that has been challenging for me in college writing would be being able to be detailed about what I am arguing, or trying to express. This aspect has been challenging for me because I tend to not give a lot of examples to prove my point of view, or argument.  One aspect of college writing that I enjoy would be writing the supporting paragraphs of an essay. I enjoy this aspect of college writing because I feel like it becomes easy for me to write the supporting paragraphs after I narrowed down my thesis statement and introduction. I feel like after that then I can go on  and develop a decent supporting paragraph. I enjoy this aspect of college writing because I can put feeling, as well as thought into developing the supporting paragraph and proving my thesis statement.

My College Writing Improvement

One aspect of my writing that had improved dramatically since the biggining of the semester is the organization of my ideas. Before, I would write down about a certain  topic in one parararaph and later on in the same paragraph I would start talking about another topic. Then, in the following paragraph I would go back to my original topic and my essay would be all over the place. Through the help of Proffesor Sears corrections on my essays and outlines that she provided I was better able to organize my thoughts and expand them. One aspect of academic writing that is still challenging me is creativity. By creativity i mean the ability to come up with content that might be usable for the esssay. Due to this, i still struggle to write essays because  it takes me a while to think of something good to put down. Lastly, one academic writing that i enjoy is using the first person because it makes me feel as though people actually wants to listen to my opinion. By being given the choice to write down what you personally believe about a certain topic, i feel as though am impacting the way the reader thinks.

My Writing

Since the beginning of the semester, one aspect of writing that has improved for me is writing analytically. Before this class, I had trouble analyzing and incorporating my own thoughts to sources that are given for assignments. I used to just summarize what sources say and what the author thinks instead of writing critically and using the source to relate back to my thesis. I still need to work on it but I am getting better.

One aspect of academic writing that is still challenging me is just getting started. I find introduction paragraphs the hardest. Even with the planning sheet it is sometimes hard to picture and plan out how what I am going to write for my essays. I struggle to come up with good theses and it takes me awhile to write the introduction paragraph compared to the rest of my essay. However, as soon as i get a good thesis and introduction paragraph the rest of the essay seems to flow.

I enjoy writing editing and revising my essays. I like taking what i had before and making it better. It is fun to take something I wrote and reread and rewrite it to make it even better. I enjoy seeing improvement in my writing and making any long wordy sentences more concise.

Looking Back at My Writing

I have noticed since the beginning of the semester I have improved on my writing by not using the word “you” when trying to elaborate on my thesis. Instead I have found new ways to exclude it with words like “them” or “the students” to make my writing better to give the reader a better understanding of what I am trying to tell them.  But one aspect of academic writing that I am still having trouble with is how to put my ideas into a well structured sentences. The reason for this is because I have so much to say but I don’t want to put it in the form of the way I speak and I was told in high school my writing should give the reader the sense that I have the information and facts needed to understand the topic we are covering in my own word.  For example, when Professor Sears hands back my paper with feedback often times it comes back with the word syntax and I try my very best to hand in a revision of my paper. Furthermore, one aspect of writing that I enjoy doing is using transitions words because it tells the reader that I am moving on from one main point to the next. Also because there are so many transitional words that its actually kinda fun exploring new one to use in my writing and figuring out which one works best.

My Writing Improvements And Struggles

Starting the semester in our English 1101 class I felt as if I wasn’t the best writer out there. I came in thinking  that I wouldn’t get such great grades in my essays, which was the case at the beginning. After Professor Sears gave my peers and I such great writing tips and marking up my first essay, I felt great confidence to revise and get a higher grade. Since the beginning of the semester I feel like I improved a lot in analyzing  my quotes and making my paragraphs my words, not the authors.However, I still struggle in making a full planned thesis statement without feeling like I’m “rambling” on. Writing turned out to be more interesting than I thought. The part that I have learned to love is the events leading up to the writing. For examples, reading and searching for articles and our in class debates and in class discussion. I find it very interesting to hear everyone’s input and point of view making many notes in my head of how I will fill all of the information in my essay to plan early. Being in English 1101 has been me grow a lot as a writer and I can’t wait to continue and grow even more.

Assignment 2

One aspect that I have improved since the beginning of the semester is writing long essays. It used to be really hard for me to write long essays but I have gotten used to it since in college you’re required to write long essays. One aspect that is still challenging me is using the word “you”, I use the word “you” a lot in my essays and its still hard for me to get used to not using it. One aspect of academic writing that I enjoy is revising my essay and making it better after getting feedback.

Samuel Bisono Academic Writing

One aspect of writing that I’ve imported in at City Tech, would be writing and organizing my thesis statement. Before I had difficulty writing my thesis statement clearly.  Also I had problem integrating  my thesis statement to my writing assignment. Also i have improved in my analysis, more of stating my side of the argument or my fact, instead of stating what I read from the source or what the arthur opinion is about the topic.  Now I understand the difference between stating my facts and the arthur argument. One aspect of writing that I have difficulty with is creating a conclusion, when I create a conclusion I have a hard time stating all my topic and thesis. One aspect of academic writing that I enjoy is creating a argumentative assignment.  I enjoy bringing in sources and personal experiences to prove a point.

My College writing

One aspect of my writing that has improved is me not using you as much because in the beginning that’s all I used.  Also something that has change in my writing is I’m being more clear about what I’m writing about and not just saying certain things that have to do with what I’m writing. One aspect of college writing that is challenging is having to word everything in your own way. College writing in the beginning was hard but now I’m getting use to it so it’s not as hard as before but there is still some aspects that are hard. Another aspect of college writing that I enjoy is how I can express myself in a way that no one can because when I’m writing about something it’s going to be something different then someone in the class is writing about.

Attainments In Writing

English has always been my favorite and strongest subject. In the past few months of college, I realized the huge difference in High School English and college English.  What I had vastly improved in my writing is the use of “transition”. In High School, I struggled with starting a new sentence without being repetitive. But now it is much easier to use transition words when I am quoting someone from an article. For example “However, John Doe suggested…” or “As a matter of fact, John Doe had.…”. With a strong transition to start a sentence makes the essay overall sound sharp. On the other hand, ending an essay is still a struggle for me.  In college the conclusion should be a strong statement and then a supporting sentence.  I still struggle with a strong conclusion.  It is easy to start the conclusion, but ending it without making the conclusion longer than it should be is difficult. I am going to work on it and by the end of this semester, I’ll be able to end my conclusion very well. Furthermore, I love english. One thing out of hundreds that I adore the most, are writing book reports and research papers. Essays in general are very favored to me, I get to write as much as I want with my opinions.  Book reports are very fun in my eyes, because I love reading, and then I get to share my thoughts about it. Also, research papers is when I learn many new information and I get to share it with everyone else around me.  Overall I have learned many new things of writing techniques, and how to make a essay sound very intellectual. I am looking forward to seeing what else I will learn.

My Improvement in writing

My writing has changed a lot since high school everything is different, and there are different rules. The guide lines in a way or the same, only we have to talk more in depth  about any topic now and give details to back it up. I think I have improved in giving more details to support my essays. I used resources to help support me statement and get more into depth about what my thesis statement is about. The more details I give the more I can support my thesis and give a stronger argument about my topic will be. The more support my essay has for my thesis will help my argument proving the points that I have stated. Supporting my thesis has been helpful, it help me to write more formal vocabulary. I had struggles at first in developing my thesis, I had quotes but I needed to develop and give more details about what the quote meant to me and how I supported my thesis. I enjoy editing my work because I get to see what I can do better in my essays and I learn from it to do better in my future essays.

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