WritingĀ is considered to be a medium of human communication that represents language and emotion with signs and symbols. writing to many people including myself can mean much more thanĀ that, writing represents a form of expression to me. I love writing, and I feel like my writing has improved a lot since I started taking my English 1101 class. one aspect that has improved in my writing since the beginning of the semester would be thinking critically, as well as being able to develop my thesis and introduction paragraph. In theĀ beginning of the semester I was having a hard time developing my thesis statement and making a good introduction, but I feel like I’ve improved in those areas and now I can start my essay easily. one aspect that has been challenging for me in college writing would be being able to be detailed about what I am arguing, or trying to express. This aspect has been challenging for me because I tend to not give a lot of examples to prove my point of view, or argument.Ā  One aspect of college writing that I enjoy would be writing the supporting paragraphs of an essay. I enjoy this aspect of college writing because I feel like it becomes easy for me to write the supporting paragraphs after I narrowed down my thesis statement and introduction. I feel like after that then I can go onĀ  and develop a decent supporting paragraph. I enjoy this aspect of college writing because I can put feeling, as well as thought into developing the supporting paragraph and proving my thesis statement.