This ENG1101 course introduces concepts of critical writing and thinking along with skills integral to constructing and documenting a college-level essay. As a First Year Learning Community, we will pair with Psychology 1101 to explore the emotional impact of the first year college transition and consider ways to identify and deal with new stressors.

My Improvement in writing

My writing has changed a lot since high school everything is different, and there are different rules. The guide lines in a way or the same, only we have to talk more in depth  about any topic now and give details to back it up. I think I have improved in giving more details to support my essays. I used resources to help support me statement and get more into depth about what my thesis statement is about. The more details I give the more I can support my thesis and give a stronger argument about my topic will be. The more support my essay has for my thesis will help my argument proving the points that I have stated. Supporting my thesis has been helpful, it help me to write more formal vocabulary. I had struggles at first in developing my thesis, I had quotes but I needed to develop and give more details about what the quote meant to me and how I supported my thesis. I enjoy editing my work because I get to see what I can do better in my essays and I learn from it to do better in my future essays.

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  1. Jennifer Sears

    Thank you for posting this! It is true that college writing asks for a more in-depth analysis of a topic and that means making your opinions more clear. This can be challenging in the beginning, especially when students are being asked to write about topics they have not considered before, such as gentrification. I hope you have found the techniques we’ve discussed helpful. We have a few more to go. Keep writing!

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