This ENG1101 course introduces concepts of critical writing and thinking along with skills integral to constructing and documenting a college-level essay. As a First Year Learning Community, we will pair with Psychology 1101 to explore the emotional impact of the first year college transition and consider ways to identify and deal with new stressors.

Samuel Bisono Academic Writing

One aspect of writing that I’ve imported in at City Tech, would be writing and organizing my thesis statement. Before I had difficulty writing my thesis statement clearly.  Also I had problem integrating  my thesis statement to my writing assignment. Also i have improved in my analysis, more of stating my side of the argument or my fact, instead of stating what I read from the source or what the arthur opinion is about the topic.  Now I understand the difference between stating my facts and the arthur argument. One aspect of writing that I have difficulty with is creating a conclusion, when I create a conclusion I have a hard time stating all my topic and thesis. One aspect of academic writing that I enjoy is creating a argumentative assignment.  I enjoy bringing in sources and personal experiences to prove a point.

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  1. Jennifer Sears

    Yes! You have gotten better at providing your opinion and ideas. In the beginning of the semester, many students restate the author’s ideas instead of thinking more analytically and providing their own ideas. Concluding ideas are often a challenge and there are many ways to approach them, depending on the assignment. Keep up the effort and hopefully this will get easier as well!

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