This ENG1101 course introduces concepts of critical writing and thinking along with skills integral to constructing and documenting a college-level essay. As a First Year Learning Community, we will pair with Psychology 1101 to explore the emotional impact of the first year college transition and consider ways to identify and deal with new stressors.

Assignment 2

One aspect that I have improved since the beginning of the semester is writing long essays. It used to be really hard for me to write long essays but I have gotten used to it since in college you’re required to write long essays. One aspect that is still challenging me is using the word “you”, I use the word “you” a lot in my essays and its still hard for me to get used to not using it. One aspect of academic writing that I enjoy is revising my essay and making it better after getting feedback.

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  1. Jennifer Sears

    Thank you for thinking about your writing and your progress so far. Writing longer essays is a challenge. I hope the strategies we’ve discussed have made this less mysterious. Also, remember that using “you” is hard because it is a habit we all bring from our spoken English. Avoiding second person does get easier and your writing will keep improving. Keep writing!

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