Club meeting that met with Justin Volz, he worked at asa an intern. He worked in the management section and then got hired to be a cleanup animator. It was helpful for them because they learned how people put together their files for the final animation. Then he got hired for background design, they also got to animate it. Eventually, they got to do character background and layouts, animation and did background painting. They also worked as a motion designer at BBDO. He got to work with multiple big clients and pitches. This artist went freelance after that and got into UI/UX animation. Meeting these artists and hearing about them tell us about their journey has taught me that progress isn’t linear. There are people who get experience and then go into freelance, or freelance first before they get into a company. The work produced is amazing and seamless. I love the illustrations for the bittersweet valentine’s gif, and how the ribbon stretches across the flowers. Watching and hearing about this process makes me really appreciate motion design. If there was a free program that was like after effects I would have considered this career but unfortunately, I don’t really have the luxury to afford the adobe subscription.