This is one of my favorite illustrations. In the New York Magazine cover the goal of the assignment was to deliver the news that New York is open. We were encouraged to draw our favorite activities of when the city is open and I chose walking in the rain with an umbrella to visit Grandma. The clouds are parting and the rain is stopping which is intended to give a sense that it’s finally over. I added oranges because I usually envision orchards and a warm family meal when arriving at the house. It was suggested that the character would be in a red raincoat so it feels like a red riding hood, I added the basket to add to that theme.

Editorial illustration

For advanced illustration class in our very first project, we created illustrations for articles that we had read. My article was based on “Chinese New Year was always about traveling to family. This year, traditions are at home.” I chose to emphasize that family activity such as creating dumplings begins to lessen due to the lockdown during that time. By creating the editorial illustration where the mother would create a dumpling with her daughter I hoped to create a sense of feeling that family time is something that is appreciated even if it’s not spoken verbally.

Psychedelic Poster

This is my second favorite piece which is supposed to be a girl pulling the ocean into herself. The goal of the project was to utilize psychedelic colors, and since I was trying something new I wanted to alter the mood I was aiming for. The black represents oil and the hair is the seafoam. All the fish are being pulled in or mutating different colors. I was hoping this piece would create a sense of stress.