I’m from New York, my interest in art began last April in 2018 when I finally got a tablet. This caused me to begin taking art more seriously as a potential profession or something that I would like to work on and improve gradually. The reason why I am in communication design is that I would like to sharpen my skills when it comes to drawing. I want to become a concept designer or an illustrator when I receive my bachelor’s degree. For now, I am aiming to freelance since I do not have my degree yet.
During my free time as an artist, I do both digital and watercolor. I like to invest my time in drawing backgrounds or collecting inspirations. I draw with a range of colors from pastel colors to saturated colors depending on my mood. Throughout my years of experiencing various video games, I was inspired to aim to become a concept designer that draws things a person can typically find in an art book (environment, character design, level, gatcha games). My goal in five to ten years would be to have a portfolio containing various art pieces that could be used for game design.