Field trip

The offset printer uses a giant roll of paper at the end of the machine. It’s a long roll of paper that is good for printing flyers and multiple copy items like newspapers. It also has smaller cylinders that move the paper along before one of the rolls applies offset printing ink. There is a blanket attached as well to one of the cylinders and impression cylinders. When they add ink it’s an oily type of ink that repels water so when they burn the print only the text is revealed. Apparently, the blue area is what gets filled with ink and the gray areas get washed off. When it prints at first, the area that isn’t supposed to be printed on is repellent to oil and receptive to water which helps leave it white. When people operate these printers, they have fatigue mat because it’s one person operating three steps. I couldn’t get an image of this because it was crowded.

There was a laser print printer that prints on somewhat glossy paper for magazines. It’s a little flimsy but nice quality paper. Everything gets sent to the computer before it prints everything with a laser. There is also a sheet fed printer that can print thousands in 7 hours on the right side of the office, which is good for flyers, cards, etc. The third picture in the gallery is a picture of the machine that cuts paper. It has accurate sensors for safety precautions and requires two hands to use. In order to use this machine, you must program the machine by putting the paper measurements. Then you would just flip it to have it cut with a button. The machine next to it punches holes for stuff like loose leaf, notepads, notebooks.

The second image is the machine that folds the paper for it to fit in an envelope. All you must do is insert the paper and press the button. Finally, they also must create the address before sending it to that envelope machine. In the hallway, they must create the address label on a computer so that it stamps it on the envelopes as they are made. The first image shows the stack of envelopes when it is finished with the process of having the address and the seal made. The far-right side makes the sticky part of the envelope and then it goes through a process before it all appears in a stack. All the computers are connected and do about three jobs worth with one operator. There was also a t-shirt making press that presses down on the shirt for the design.





Quote design

I think this represents “trade your energy and time for your dreams” because if you use trees as metaphors for people, they are always growing. The hierarchy of trees makes me think of when you start off at first, you’re very “green” but as you work harder, you use more energy you become a brighter person as shown in the lighter green. After that, the blue resembles breaking the rules because trees are not normally blue, and this represents how an individual can become unique after giving up a lot of time and energy to achieve greater things.

For the clock, it is the literal “time” you trade for your dreams. You need to put in effort in order to achieve results. This image utilizes warm colors which can be interpreted as “energy”. The clock generally reminds you that every time you stand idling around letting all your energy go to waste. There is a quote said before that “time waits for no one” so if you want to achieve your dreams you will have to act upon it by sacrificing a bit of your time and energy.

The image with the mountain and the item above it represents the struggle to achieving those dreams. Climbing a mountain takes energy and your dreams can be represented through the “treasure” at the peak of the mountain. The lighting that shows at the peak is like “the light at the end of the tunnel” when all your effort finally pays off and you can see the results right in front of you. Dreams are always something that can be achieved through patience and perseverance, if you don’t give up and keep climbing the mountain you will eventually reach the top.

Logo and Banner

My banner and logo are both illustrations I created myself because I wanted it to reflect that I am striving to be an illustrator. I love to draw but I struggle with finding a unique artistic style which is why I stick to nature and plants. My banner is actually apart of my favorite piece that I created at the beginning of 2019 because by putting shadows on the leaves made the drawing more realistic. I love how the green pops out and I am always exploring color and ways to improve.


I’m from New York, my interest in art began last April in 2018 when I finally got a tablet. This caused me to begin taking art more seriously as a potential profession or something that I would like to work on and improve gradually. The reason why I am in communication design is that I would like to sharpen my skills when it comes to drawing. I want to become a concept designer or an illustrator when I receive my bachelor’s degree. For now, I am aiming to freelance since I do not have my degree yet.
During my free time as an artist, I do both digital and watercolor. I like to invest my time in drawing backgrounds or collecting inspirations. I draw with a range of colors from pastel colors to saturated colors depending on my mood. Throughout my years of experiencing various video games, I was inspired to aim to become a concept designer that draws things a person can typically find in an art book (environment, character design, level, gatcha games). My goal in five to ten years would be to have a portfolio containing various art pieces that could be used for game design.