Collaborated with Professor Woolley, Professor Guzman and Jennie Zhu Pan to create illustrations for a stem manual. The purpose of this project is to create a collaboration between COMD students and STEM faculty mentors to provide a client-artist experience for COMD students. In collaboration, the team will help develop a visually engaging soil mechanics manuscript. By working with one COMD professor and one Civil Engineering professor, COMD students will gain knowledge in the area of soil mechanics and create engaging and visual work for the book. 

Technical information was discussed and exchanged with the client, art director, and students. Students relied on research and creativity to form and shape illustrations that are interactive and fit the subject matter, thus creating a process and finalized pieces that work well together in color and also translate well in black and white for the textbook.

Chapter 4 – Liquid Limit

This is one of the first comics I created for this project and it is also one of my favorites. In this situation, due to the heavy rainfall in the mole’s house, the soil is being changed to a liquid state. It’s somewhat like mud or clay texture but it is dense and causes objects such as the chair, coffee mug, and table to sink. The mole frantically finds his toolbox just to find out that his relaxing afternoon has been ruined by the flooding.