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Zayn Malik and the Songs that Bring us to Prayer

From reading the “Zayn Malik and the Songs that Bring us to Prayer,” he very much explained things in his beliefs using a variety of examples in his culture. Which made me think of the piece that we talked about in class as we are supposed to write about a word that describes our culture, he uses big words by expressing his purpose to the text. I just love the fact that he also interpreted his background to fully tell how he feels. I personally think the audience was every race but more importantly Arabic but also teens within the age 16- and up. Also by reading the text I tried putting myself in his position in order for me to fully understand what he was saying. I think he did an amazing job of representing his culture, by not only talking about him but his  background. And how he came so far with what he’s saying now. Reading this also makes me think to myself when I first came to America because it was and felt like a new lifestyle that I had to get used to. 

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