This is a default policies page for the Mechanisms Laboratory OpenLab site.

Be aware of the following: Policies such as the laboratory & safety rules handed out on the first day of class along with the course outline govern the course in general, but further questions and/or inconsistencies (or anything that appears incoherent) should be directed to the instructor and/or the CLT (College Lab Technician);class lab tech activities are regulated by important protocols such as avoiding eating, drinking, and any distracting sights & sounds at all times within the lab premises, especially during lab session.

As for attendance policy:  2two latenesses count as an absence and two absences pose a risk of failing the mechanisms laboratory section, which would or could subject a student an almost guaranteed automatic failure of the entire Mechanisms course. Please check with your instructors for accurate information regarding this!!!


Enjoy the above as residual inc type learning

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