Notes for lab 1 slider crank mechanism

Notes on slider crank mechanism plots associates with lab 1

M Dear student:

Check out this site: for very useful Mechanisms Lecture homework help, potential projects, and practice prep for exams… ( This corresponds to your lab experiment # 2 on Four Bar LinkagesEMT 1220 Slider Crank Lab 1 Four Bar 2nd – 1 minus cosine Sine Cosine Wave Plot Graph )

I’ve posted lots of valuable information on the CUNYPortal Blackboard online system for your earliest convenience. Please contact me immediately if you have trouble understanding what you will be doing our first lab experiment #1 during session #2 this Friday between 11:30 am and 2pm.  You may check the following OpenLab site for some minor details information & resources but videos explaining further detail are found in Blackboard. When you log into Blackboard, you should look for a home page showing the courses you are enrolled in all semester (including previous ones) or at least just click into the EMT 1220 course module available containing a brief description such as 2016 Spring Term(1) Mechanisms EMT 1220 D413[58877] (NYC College of Technology)

I’ll send/post some more things soon: for now LOG ON to and sign into Blackboard using the username and password you should already have set up!!! Go through all available resources including videos available there. PREPARE IMMEDIATELY & TAKE NOTES ON WHAT EXACTYLY YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO DURING OUR FIRST LAB EXPERIMENT WHICH IS VERY COMPLEX, DETAILED & TIME-CONSUMING !!!!!!!! SO TAKE THE TIME NOW TO UNDERSTAND IT ALL AS MUCH POSSIBLE BEFORE SHOWING UP IN OUR NEXT COURSE SESSION OR ELSE YOU’LL RISK FALLING BEHIND VERY SOON…

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