EMT 1220 Mechanisms Laboratory

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EMT 1220 Mechanisms Laboratory
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Computer Engineering Technology
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EMT 1220 L
Semester / Year
Spring 2016
Course Description

Reverse Engineering/Product Design with Electrical Mechanical Interfacing, Automatic Control System Feedback, Servo and Stepper Motors, linkages, gears, transmissions, differentials, cams, levers, belts, intermittent motion, brakes, and clutches. The application of these mechanisms as motion converters and electromechanical energy conversion systems with their displacement, velocity, and acceleration. Laboratory study of physical and operational characteristics of mechanical and electromechanical components through the technique of hands-on bread boarding using standard industrial components. Prerequisites: EMT 1120, EMT 1130; Pre or corequisites: MAT 1275 or equivalent, PHYS 1433. 3 class hrs, 3 lab hrs, 4 credits

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